Fav-Afrique®, an equine F(ab’)2-based antivenom, is a polyspecific product that covers the envenoming by 10 species of the most medically important, Category 1 snakes in Africa.  These all belong to the Viperidae and Elapidae and to two genera within each family, namely Echis and Bitis (Viperidae) and Naja and Dendroaspis (Elapidae).  In the period 1993 to 2014 it is estimated that 250,000 patients received Fav-Afrique (based on unit sales) which achieved an enviable reputation as one of the most effective antivenoms available for the treatment of all Category 1 African snakes. 

MicroPharm is developing a new manufacturing process for the product with the aim of re-establishing supplies in early 2025.

Funded by Wellcome.