MicroPharm Limited is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sanofi Pasteur’s antivenom equine immunoglobulin product range comprising Viperfav®, Bothrofav® Scorpifav®, Fav-Afrique® and Favirept®.  The transaction comprises the transfer of the intangible and some tangible assets to MicroPharm.  Over the next three years MicroPharm and Sanofi Pasteur will work together to transfer the manufacture of Viperfav, Bothrofav and Scorpifav to MicroPharm’s manufacturing facilities in West Wales.  MicroPharm will seek to re-launch Fav-Afrique and Favirept to the African and Middle East markets where there is an unmet need for safe and effective antivenoms tailored to these regions.

Professor John Landon (Chairman, MicroPharm) commented “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to acquire these products from Sanofi Pasteur and we look forward to working with their technical team to transfer their manufacturing technology to MicroPharm”.

Mr Ian Cameron (Chief Executive Officer, MicroPharm) added “The acquisition of these products is a further step in the growth of MicroPharm and positions the Company as one of the leaders in the market for high quality, safe and effective antivenoms.”